Saving Halloween

The sacred holiday of Halloween is under attack.

Activists have begun using the name “Harvest Festival” in place of the explicitly Christian term, “Halloween” (a shortened form of the phrase, All Hallows’ Evening).

This consecrated day of October 31st was set aside by our Christian ancestors as an observance to remember the Saints who are no longer with us—an observance firmly rooted in the spirit of Hebrews 11-12, which tells us about the great “cloud of witnesses” who have gone on before us.

As you all know, God will not be appeased unless everyone observes our religious holidays. Unfortunately, the blessed day has been usurped and secularized—made out to be a celebration of nothing more than agriculture.

And what is more important: agriculture or the gospel?

Some of the more radical groups have even gone as far as boycotting the Holy Day altogether.

Perhaps the most troubling part of this disastrous denial of dead disciples is the fact that many churches have capitulated to culture and trivialized the history of Christianity. Rather than stand up for the faith and proudly declare that we celebrate Halloween and remember our ancestors of the faith, in the name of toleration they try to be more appealing to culture by calling it a “Harvest Festival.” In other words, they would rather offend God than society.

The question we have to ask as we continue to be persecuted by people who decide not to participate in our religion is:

How far do we let this go before we stand up and speak out?

Religious freedom is at stake. This is a battle cry to assemble the faithful to stand together and proclaim, “I’m an American and I still believe in the gospel that was handed down to us by those whom the Liberals would like for us to forget!”

Sign petitions, boycott businesses and churches that refuse to celebrate Halloween, and be willing to “offend” people with the truth (in love). When we allow people the freedom to not participate in our religion, our society will slide down the slippery slope to Hell.

Let’s put the HALLOW back in the evening!

Also, don’t forget to join Kirk Cameron as he saves Christmas this December.



One response to “Saving Halloween

  1. How are there not more comments here? My husband and I died laughing while reading this. We know all too well the polarizing debate on Halloween and its alternatives, and how the liberals want to destroy the “real” America founded on the Bible. And, while I’m sure he’s a very nice person who loves Jesus, everything Kirk Cameron sells makes me gag a little.
    Thanks for the highly entertaining piece. I just discovered your blog after reading an article on Relevant, and I’m already subscribed.

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